Daisen New Materials Technology (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd
 Sep 24, 2019|View:2721

Daisen New Materials Technology (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd, founded in 2008, which is a factory specializing in the independent research and production of brass-made,steel-made and iron-made valves/pipe fittings.Our main products involve more than 200 varieties containing over 6000 specifications like steel-made, iron-made and brass-made gate valve, stop valve, ball valve, check valve, marine valve, butterfly valve and faucets/pipe fittings.They are widely used in low-pressure civil water supply and drainage and the following industrial fields like petroleum, chemicals, power supply, metallurgy, pharmacy and ship building, are exported to more than 20 nations and regions including Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Israel, Australia and HongKong. 

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